Friendly Auctions

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The Basics

- A modern, transparent and ethical way to sell and buy property

- Independent pest, building and/or strata inspections paid for by the vendor

- Flexible deposit and settlement terms available by negotiation

- Price guidance where possible and advice on how to get your finance approved to bid or offer before auction

- More time to research, prepare and think about the price you want to pay

Our auction system aims to address the five (5) main concerns buyers have about buying at auction.

  1. A lack of transparency relating to price expectations and guidance
  2. The costs involved in preparing to attend an auction including building and pest inspections
  3. Obtaining unconditional finance approval within a short time period
  4. Dealing with solicitors or conveyancers regarding contract enquiries
  5. The pressure of an auction environment and/or having to make a quick decision on the spot

To help alleviate these concerns we have developed a panel of legal and lending specialists and building and pest inspectors who are on hand to assist you throughout the auction process.

- Our solicitors are willing to look at contracts of sale prior to an auction and provide advice without charge, should you decide to not proceed with attempting to purchase the property, or are unsuccessful at auction. They will only charge a standard conveyancing fee on settlement should you be successful.

- Our panel of lending specialists are on hand to provide you with the widest range of home loan products from banks, building societies and credit unions and to help you negotiate the best possible deal. These lenders and/or brokers provide this service to you free of charge.

- Under our system we aim to provide, where possible, a pest and building report for the prospective buyers to view. The reports are carried out by a licensed inspector and a panel of reputable inspectors is consulted to ensure a fair, non biased report. Should you be successful in buying the property, the building and/or pest company will transfer the report/s into your name at no cost, providing your request to do so is received within 14 days of the auction or contract date should be property be sold prior to the auction.

Wherever possible, our agents will provide you with a price guide. It should be noted that this guide may change over the course of the auction campaign. Buyers who have expressed serious interest in the property will be notified of any changes. Our price guides’ take into account buyer feedback, the price expectations of the vendor and other recently sold properties. Our agents use realistic price guides and will not under or over quote vendors price expectations.

Under our system, you have up to 4 weeks to decide on the price you are prepared to pay, to research the area, seek legal advice, obtain finance approval and often to inspect the property on several occasions. Even if you don’t see the property early in the campaign, our agents still have all the information you will need to help you make informed decision and be ready to bid for the property at the scheduled auction.

To find out more please contact one of our agents.